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5 star testimonials for the nutrition challenge

My entire family has embraced a healthy lifestyle.

WOW! I feel so ALIVE! My vibe is new, effervescent, and vibrant! This program is beyond anything I could have expected.

I have been on this roller coaster of healthy living for decades and nothing has provided the kind of solid foundation I found in the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge.

Initially my goal was to lose weight and boy did I ever and then some. I feel brand new, energized, and absolutely happy inside and out. SexyFit® is the program that has finally put me on the path towards a lifetime of positive & healthy habits.


— Eric and Corrie Aglia


This is the program that really helped me streamline my health. Through education, support and the BEST nutritional aids on the market, my health went from good to GREAT.

I met Carmen Marshall, Founder of the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge and International Wellness Coach, in Bali.

I immediately connected with Carmen because her own healthy attitude towards life was and is infectious.


— Maryanne Edwards | Sydney, Australia


Anyone can lose weight, however, many lose their health right along with it! And, then to keep it off… that’s the toughest part!

I was gaining weight around my waist even as I taught several fitness classes per week! Diets never worked for me!

I thought I had no willpower until I experienced the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge and lost weight healthily & kept it off!


We are thankful for our improved, priceless health!

I found myself in a rut. After several years of watching my friend and mentor Tina blossom into this amazing person I decided to join her SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge.

I have lost weight and my energy level and moods have improved. I am making healthy choices and treating myself better. I have become a Certified Wellness Coach and I love to help people with their health.

My friends & family have successfully integrated the SexyFit® lifestyle and we are thankful for our improved, priceless health!


— Tammy Kelly | SexyFit® + Wellness Coach


The five day RESET was so fun and easy. I was nervous that I was going to have to juggle around my school schedule to do it but it was super convenient and I never felt hungry or like I was depriving myself.

I slept better than ever, my skin looked great and I had tons of energy. The SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge also gave me more mental clarity, which I liked the most. I felt like I was functioning at my highest level, being who I am supposed to be.


Monica success story

The SexyFit Challenge is EXACTLY the program I've been looking for!

This program not only reinvigorated my desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, but taught me that it’s achievable and fun.

I have learned how to balance my meals, exercise routine and life. My improved energy and exuberance is noticeable to my friends and family – they say I’m absolutely “glowing.”

I thoroughly enjoyed all the coaching calls, the shakes and bars, vitamins and loved the support given by Carmen and our fellow Sexy-Fitters. It’s so much easier than I thought, and the benefits are innumerable. Thank you Carmen for introducing me to our new SexyFit Life!”

— Monica Marier, age 36 | Teacher | Costa Mesa, CA
SexyFit Nutrition Challenge success story

You get SO much more than what you've paid for — if you're even questioning whether it's worth it, just do it.

Invest in yourself – I am SO glad that I jumped in with both feet. I would pay TRIPLE for what I got out of the SexyFit® Challenge and learned from Carmen. What’s it worth to feel SexyFit, regain my health and get to my ideal weight? You can’t even put a price tag on it.

— Rian Charme | Massage Therapist | Laguna Beach, CA
SexyFit Program  testimonial

“The SexyFit™ lifestyle is what I’ve been searching for.

Although I’ve always eaten relatively healthy and exercised regularly, I was missing that “tool” that would help me to stay on track, even when “life” happens.

I’m almost 52 and my energy levels are amazing and I’ve never felt better. I knew after just a week, that SexyFit™ was a program and lifestyle I could stand behind and want to share with my family, friends and colleagues.

I want everyone to feel as good as I do.

– Patricia Canning, US
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We didn’t think this program would work, but it has done what it said it would and so much more.

Our health was deteriorating, we used to have limited energy and enthusiasm to work, live and care for our family. Doing this program together has taught us both to treat our bodies with respect and we are living proof of the benefit everyone can gain.

My wife and I have a combined weight loss of over 12 kg (26.4 lbs) – and that is after only four weeks. Having each other as inspiration has brought us closer together and we now love talking about, shopping for and cooking delicious, healthy, low glycemic foods. We feel so much more vibrant, energetic and alive – and our kids are benefiting from our extra energy too!

We are so looking forward to the short term and long term future as SexyFit adults. Don’t think about it… do it, it will change your life!!”


— Craig Warner, Age 33, Business Manager & Shane Warner, Age 42, Paralegal | Bundaberg, Australia
SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge Testimonials

I feel like I've finally found the secrets to wellbeing!

“Taking part in the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge has been the turning point in my search for a style of living that would not only help me to lose some unwanted weight but give me the education to continue to make healthy choices. Losing weight has been a side benefit – I now have a renewed vitality and zest for life, my energy levels have increased substantially and I am now in control of my health and wellness thanks to the ongoing coaching and support that is available.

The nutritional supplements, along with the shakes and bars (which are so yummy) are now a permanent addition to my daily routine – no longer do I reach for the high sugar snacks and desserts. I have found the secret ingredient and it starts with the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge. Thanks Carmen for allowing me to share this journey with you!”

— Judi Resor, Age 51 | Real Estate Agent | Coral Cove, Australia

“The SexyFit® Challenge is so much more than a diet.

I just reviewed one of the bonus videos and group coaching calls – the participants are so great as well!

I LOVE the interactive and educational component of this process. I’m also headed to a ‘celebration’ weekend and thanks to the SFNC, I feel prepared going into it – I’m not worried that the weekend is going to ‘derail’ me. Thanks Carmen!”

— Linda Simmons | Aliso Viejo, CA
SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge Testimonials

The SexyFit Nutrition Challenge is a life-changing experience.

When I started the program, I didn’t realize that it would be a life changing event for me.

I have regained and increased my energy, lost weight, completely rebuilt my nutrition habits and learned so much about my body and its needs. The program is amazing – educational and fun at the same time, and provides us with a reliable map for our journey towards creating vibrant health. Carmen is an inspiring guide; she’s professional, extremely caring, warm and always ready to help – a true coach in every sense of this word. She managed to create not only a unique program but also a whole community of people supporting each other.

I’ve never seen a similar program in Europe and I feel very grateful that I had a chance to be part of it!”


— Marketa Suranova, Age 41 | Athens, Greece
SexyFit Program testimonial

I learned so much about myself from this program.

“During the 30 days, not only did I lose 11 pounds, but I gained an immense amount of nutritional knowledge and no longer have the sugar, coffee, and alcohol cravings that I used to.

Before I did the 30-day Challenge, I exercised regularly but didn’t see any ‘real’ results and felt ‘stuck’ where I was in my weight and physical ability.  I feel much stronger and firmer, my belly is much smaller and lighter, and my aches and pains are gone.  I loved the ‘homework’ assignments, videos, and weekly conference calls.  But most of all, I really enjoyed being connected to the SFNC Facebook group with people like me, who had struggles like mine, and who had the same “silly” questions that I did (Carmen assured us they weren’t silly, of course), and learning about what it takes to live the SexyFit® lifestyle.  It’s not as hard as I thought it would be – and perfect for people that need the extra push and support to make positive changes in their life.  Living SexyFit will help me enjoy my ‘mature’ years to the fullest!!

Also, going through the program with my daughter was exceptionally rewarding and special.  As I watched her body change and her confidence grow, I felt more motivated and excited to become healthy too, and celebrate our success with non-food rewards!”

— Barb Recktenwald, age 54 | Budget Analyst
Nutrition Program testimonial

Three years ago, I did my first SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge. I was very skeptical at first towards the shakes and the bars, because I believe in real and organic food.

However, I had been suffering from arthritis and inflammations in my fingers, wrists and joints. I tried several diets, went to see different therapists, took all kinds of supplements. Nothing worked. I work as a professional bodyworker/therapist, so I need my hands. Giving treatments to people became so painful, I was afraid I would have to stop working. So, against my own prejudice, I decided to take the challenge.
I used the Healthpak, Proflavanol, BiOmega, and Procosa and the result?

The inflammations were gone, no more pain!

I feel great, vital and happy. I lost quite some kilo’s too along the way from eating low-glycemically. I love the nutrimeal shakes and bars for healthy snacks – they are a part of my anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Today (3 years later), I still feel amazing – and my hands, wrists, and fingers are healthy again. I do keep up the Sexyfit® lifestyle because it is easy, healthy, and delicious. I, of course, keep on my supplements because they keep my cells healthy and strong and help me prevent having physical complaints.

I wish everybody the love for yourself that will lead you to make healthy, Sexyfit® choices.


SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge Testimonials


I feel like I’ve completely overhauled my body so I know that the weight will continue to come off as I continue with the program.

I’ve always had that 10-15 lbs that I’ve wanted to lose. I’ve followed other programs but they were all short lived and with no lasting weight loss. I was able to transition this into my everyday life and will continue this as new healthy lifestyle.

I have so much more energy! I used to moan and groan when my kids wanted me to play outside with them. Now I’m saying – let’s go kick the soccer ball around!”

– Christine Tienkamp | St Louis, Saskatchewan
Nutrition Program testimonial

I feel better now than in my 20s, 30s, and 40

It was not just about weight loss for me, as a health, professional, I battled with the menopause, ups and downs physically and emotionally I felt I needed a cleanse, mind, body and soul, and a new lifestyle to fit in with my profession not just another diet.

This is definitely not that… WOW I feel better now than in my 20s, 30s, and 40s, this program has made such an amazing difference to my life, and my health and I love the new found healthy, SexyFit® Me!